Whirlpool UK Appliances supports National Organ Donation Week

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Whirlpool UK Appliances supports National Organ Donation Week

Whirlpool UK Appliances supports National Organ Donation Week

National Organ Donation Week (7th-13th September) was supported by Whirlpool UK Appliances with the gift of a Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machine for a raffle prize arranged by Kettering’s Organ & Tissue Donation Committee.

As the laws around organ donation have changed in the UK and it is now an opt-out system, Kettering General Hospital took the opportunity to highlight the change, while reassuring its staff that they still have a choice whether they would like to be an organ donor or not. To encourage and engage staff, the hospital’s Organ & Tissue Donation Committee set up a virtual walk challenge, providing refreshments for visitors to its pop-up information point, and presenting the Whirlpool UK washing machine as a raffle prize afterwards. 

The group chief executive of Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals, Simon Weldon, pictured here with the chair of the Organ & Tissue Donation Committee, Kettering, Shirley Newman, said: “This was a very much appreciated gesture from Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited and we are sincerely grateful for the company’s donation. It certainly brought the staff to the hospital’s Pocket Park to enjoy the event set up by the Organ Donation Committee.”

Ian Moverley, public affairs director, Whirlpool UK Appliances, added: “Organ donation is an important but personal decision. With the changes to the UK law now in effect, it is important to us at Whirlpool UK to support those educating others on the changes and how they affect each and every one of us. We’re so pleased to hear that our donation of a washing machine has helped the Kettering Organ and Tissue Donation Committee spread the important message that bit further.”

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