TUKC highlights top 10 kitchen recycling areas in UK

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TUKC highlights top 10 kitchen recycling areas in UK

TUKC highlights top 10 kitchen recycling areas in UK

The Used Kitchen Company (TUKC) has analysed where used and ex-display kitchens, listed on its website, have come from over the past two years to discover which areas are the 'most kitchen recycling friendly' ones in the UK. 

According to the findings, Reading, in Berkshire, is the UK's most sustainably minded place when it comes to not irresponsibly sending kitchen cabinetry and worktops to landfill. Tunbridge Wells in Kent comes next, followed by Peterborough in Cambridgeshire.

TUKC has also calculated which regions are more sustainably minded. Heading the list is the South East, from where 32% of recycled kitchens have come. In second place is Greater London, where concerned homeowners created one-fifth of kitchen listings (20%). Just behind the capital comes East Anglia (17%).

TUKC CEO, Looeeze Grossman, pictured, said: “Residents in places like Reading, Tunbridge Wells, Peterborough and London are doing the right thing for their household budget and the planet, by putting their unwanted kitchens up for sale and into the circular economy, so the life of their kitchen is extended.

"We suspect pockets like this develop when one person puts their kitchen up for adoption and friends or family members see what a great idea it is and follow suit, when they too come to refurbish. It only takes a few people to change attitudes and actions, so even though some areas of the country may be less active at the moment, we hope to inspire those who are not yet recycling their kitchen to do so, as that action could influence other people’s.”

Top 10 Kitchen Recycling Towns in the UK
1. Reading
2. Tunbridge Wells
3. Peterborough
4. Canterbury
5. Guildford
6. Cambridge
7. Wilmslow
8. Cheltenham
9. Edinburgh
10. Weybridge

Top 10 Recycling Regions 
1. South East England (32%)
2. London (20%)
3. East of England (17%)
4. NW England (7%)
5. Yorkshire and the Humber (5%)
6. West Midlands (5%)
7. East Midlands (5%)
8. South West (5%)
9. Scotland (3%)
10. Wales (1%)

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