Crown Daventry delivers new spring inspiration & more!

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Crown Daventry delivers new spring inspiration & more!  Sponsored

Crown Daventry delivers new spring inspiration & more!

Richard Evans, Development Director of Crown Imperial talks about the latest transformation of its inspirational Crown Daventry 15,000 sq. ft. furniture showcentre.

Spring refresh

Crown Daventry has been a hive of activity since the start of the new year, with the addition of new spring shades, more inspirational design ideas and larger open plan displays for the ultimate visitor experience. The Crown team has enhanced the entire space with seven stunning kitchen sets, including Cotswood in an ‘on trend’ Ocean Green and Sage, plus popular showstopping style combinations to wow visitors including our new Samsung cooking arena.

Designs for modern lifestyles

The new boot and utility room set showcases the importance of organised storage, including our space saving laundry unit solution. Retailers and customers alike have made a beeline for this latest innovation, a ‘must have’ for those that want to combine their washing machine, dryer, ironing board and laundry essentials to achieve a seamless design feel. 

Positive feedback

It’s been a busy few weeks since re-opening, everyone has commented on the spacious feel of the new displays and has enjoyed the opportunity to try out the latest appliance technology in our working kitchens. After the changing landscape of the last year, we have also noticed customers are equally prioritising a dedicated utility, boot, or laundry zones as part of their kitchen design.  Retailers have said they really value our laundry unit as a standard product, a big win for their fitter on-site with a ready to go solution to achieve a clutter free space.

360° interactive tour 

The new 360° Crown Daventry tour is an invaluable marketing tool for retailers to share and it’s great to hear its been a catalyst to encourage new visits.  Retailers have also highlighted its particularly useful to aid the final decision-making process, as customers can review the favourite styles at the touch of a button once they are back in the showroom, or in the comfort of their own home.

View the new Crown Daventry 360° Virtual Tour – 

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