Hotpoint's Kimberley Garner on the new generation of home chefs

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Hotpoint's Kimberley Garner on the new generation of home chefs

Hotpoint's Kimberley Garner on the new generation of home chefs

New research by Hotpoint has revealed that almost half – 44% – of Brits working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic are more appreciative of their home compared to before. Added to that, 49% of these consumers associate home-cooked meals with giving them the ‘feeling of home’. Hotpoint brand manager Kimberley Garner reveals how the unexpected upside of lockdown has been the dawning of a new era of home cooking. 

"With half of us feeling more appreciative of our homes than we did before, and 23% of Brits investing more in new appliances over the past 12 months, it has become clear that lockdowns have sparked positive changes in family behaviour and habits in the kitchen, resulting in a new generation of home chefs. 

"A previous study by Hotpoint, following the first UK lockdown, showed that over a third of Brits (38%) sat down to eat together more as a family during the pandemic than before lockdown, with two in five (41%) Brits cooking more meals together as a family. Additionally, over a third (36%) said they rediscovered their love of cooking during the pandemic. Almost three-quarters (74%) said they felt pleased with their new habits and 90% said they intended to continue their new ways.

"The study also revealed that Brits have become more adventurous in the kitchen, with 45% trying out new dishes, and almost half (49%) cooking more meals from scratch. 

"Appliances play an important role in supporting consumers and their new-found love of home cooking. With nearly a quarter of home-working Brits (23%) investing more in new appliances over the past 12 months, going forward, consumers are likely to seek appliances that make cooking from scratch and eating at home easier and more enjoyable.

"Hotpoint appliances offer much more than just the basic requirements and are designed to care for the things that matter most to consumers. For example, Hotpoint Multiflow oven technology ensures dishes are cooked throughout, by distributing constant and even heat to every corner and shelf level of the oven. This ensures consistently even cooking, without burnt edges or raw middles – just delicious results every time.

"Hotpoint has a range of Multiflow ovens, including the Class 6 electric, single, built-in oven (SI6 874 SH IX), which has recently received the highly sought-after Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) Approved endorsement. The Class 6 oven boasts a generous 73-litre capacity, which means there is enough space to cook a full roast dinner for all the family. It also benefits from automatic cooking cycles, which guide the user in cooking selected dishes, as well as being easy to clean and maintain thanks to its Hydrolytic steam-cleaning technology. 

"At Hotpoint, we encourage retailers to find out what their customers are looking for in their new appliance, linking to current trends, to explain the benefits of the latest appliance technology. Hotpoint ovens with Multiflow give the user reassurance of delicious results, whether they are a budding chef or a novice in the kitchen, which is ideal for those who have improved their cooking skills throughout the pandemic. 

"To understand the latest appliance technology, and how it can benefit consumers, Hotpoint highly recommends that retailers take time to receive training from manufacturers, either via an online portal, virtually, or face-to-face. Hotpoint has an E-Learning platform and a superb showcase for retailers to see and learn all about the brand. The correct training will pay dividends with the enthusiasm it will generate for your staff, and even help them trade consumers up to the next level, which is always good for business."

The Hotpoint built-in Class 9 pyrolytic multifunction single oven (SI9 891 SP IX) benefits from Multiflow technology, which ensures dishes are cooked evenly throughout

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