How Hotpoint’s new ad campaign chimes with what we learned in lockdown

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How Hotpoint’s new ad campaign chimes with what we learned in lockdown

How Hotpoint’s new ad campaign chimes with what we learned in lockdown

Hotpoint’s latest Fresh Thinking For Forgotten Food campaign is set to run for the whole of this month and expected to generate millions of impressions. Fronted by Jamie Oliver, the campaign also showcases the brand’s new range of induction hobs and refrigeration products. However, a new study commissioned by Hotpoint that surveyed a representative sample of 1,000 adults in the UK revealed that lockdown has had a profound impact on the way homeowners interact with food, and that the campaign has potential to resonate far more with consumers as a result. 

We caught up with Hotpoint brand manager Kimberley Garner to find out more.

Firstly, tell us about your latest campaign…

“Fresh Thinking For Forgotten Food is a major campaign for Hotpoint in the UK, which drives the importance of reducing household food waste and raises awareness of our innovative cooking and cooling appliances.

“The campaign is expected to generate over 130 million impressions through activities including video on demand – VOD – advertising, social media posts and partnering with influencers. Hotpoint has also teamed up with Jamie Oliver to provide recipes and tips to help people care for themselves and the environment. 

“2020 has been a challenging year and very different from any other. This year’s #FreshThinking campaign is packed with up-to-date information, relevant for consumers as they navigate the ‘new normal’. A new study by Hotpoint revealed that lockdown sparked positive changes in family behaviour and habits in the kitchen.”

What are the key findings from your study?

“With fewer trips to the supermarket, 45% of respondents said COVID-19 had made them think more about how to preserve food. Two in five (40%) said they used their freezer more often during lockdown, with 41% using meal plans and only shopping for the food they needed, and over a third using leftovers as meals.

“The study also showed that over a third of Brits (38%) sat down to eat together more as a family during the pandemic than before lockdown, with two in five (41%) Brits cooking more meals together as a family. Additionally, over a third (36%) said they rediscovered their love of cooking during the pandemic.” 

Why do you think food was able to bring families closer during lockdown?

“The survey proved that the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Over a third (38%) of those surveyed said the amount they looked forward to mealtimes as a family increased during lockdown. Two in five (40%) said this led them to talking more with their family or partner at mealtimes than they did previously. 

“Food gave families something to bond over during lockdown and meals became a very important part of the daily routine. When usual routines came to a halt, mealtimes were able to provide a sense of normality. Also, with more time to cook from scratch, Brits were able to use food as an enjoyable pastime, with baking also growing in popularity.” 

How does Hotpoint aim to help consumers maintain the positive changes created during lockdown?

“Almost three-quarters (74%) feel pleased with their new habits created during lockdown and 90% said they intend to continue their new ways. Hotpoint is committed to supporting the public on this journey through the ‘new normal’ with high performance cooking and refrigeration products that can also make a real difference when it comes to cutting back on household food waste.” 

Retailers wishing to have access to digital promotional material during the campaign can obtain digital toolkits via their Hotpoint account manager.

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