Hotpoint campaign encourages consumers to cherish #FeelingofHome

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Hotpoint campaign encourages consumers to cherish #FeelingofHome

Hotpoint campaign encourages consumers to cherish #FeelingofHome

As lockdown measures are slowly being lifted across the UK, new data released by Hotpoint has found that more than two thirds (67%) of employed adults, who’ve worked from home during the pandemic, feel anxious at the thought of being away from their homes once society resumes. More than a third (36%) said that the thought of not being able to do a clothes wash or keep on top of chores during the day are just some of the things that have left many dreading not being at home full-time.

Hotpoint's ActiveCare campaign, which is running throughout May, aims to help consumers adapt to life as it slowly returns to ‘normal’. The campaign carries the message that Hotpoint ActiveCare range of washing machines wash at just 20°C while removing over 100 common stains, so consumers can take care of their home comforts and retain that #FeelingofHome.

The ActiveCare campaign will see Hotpoint work with a number of influencers, who will share their #FeelingofHome to help support consumers returning to work. Retailers also have access to digital assets to help explain the benefits of the Hotpoint ActiveCare range of washing machines to their customers. 

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint brand manager, said: “Throughout the pandemic, Brits have built a real attachment to their homes and their belongings. Over a third have bought more new appliances/homewares than they would normally during the last 12 months, due to wanting to take care of the things that matter in their homes. As restrictions are eased, the Hotpoint ActiveCare campaign is there for retailers to utilise to support their customers who are feeling nervous about returning to work and generally being away from home more.”

Pictured is the Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machine.

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