Keller Kitchens is a step closer to making carbon negative kitchens

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Keller Kitchens is a step closer to making carbon negative kitchens

Keller Kitchens is a step closer to making carbon negative kitchens

Keller Kitchens and parent group, DKG, have revealed that they have officially entered the first phase of producing carbon negative kitchens. The company says that having been a carbon neutral manufacturer since April 2017, the next step to become carbon negative was 'a logical progression due to the ethos and corporate social responsibility commitment of the group'.

In the last few weeks, Keller and DKG say that, working with strategic sustainability partners ZLTO, they have started a project to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Once extracted and processed, the CO2 is then reprocessed into the land via local farmers as part of a carbon farming programme with farmers local to our factories.

This initiative is set to extract 150 tonnes of carbon from the air over a five-year period that will be put to use in agricultural soils. This revolutionary process will mean that the equivalent to the carbon produced by a normal manufacturer of 70,000 kitchens will be processed and safely stored within the soil, while providing further benefits to farming production.

This is in addition to procedures and steps taken over recent years to deliver carbon neutral production including: generating their own electricity; employing state of the art technology; using materials from sustainable sources; recycling; the greening of the company fleet of vehicles; tree planting programmes and numerous other measures employed.

UK National sales manager, Tim Spann, commented: "I am extremely proud to part of a world-leading force in producing truly sustainable kitchen furniture solutions for developers, contract kitchen specialists and retailers alike. We take our pioneering role in sustainability very seriously and this is enshrined in our all-encompassing CSR programme. There is no time to waste in the drive to build a sustainability-driven future and, at Keller/DKG, we are happy to play our part."

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