Tom Reynolds: "So what are you doing to shape the future?"

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Tom Reynolds: "So what are you doing to shape the future?"

Tom Reynolds: "So what are you doing to shape the future?"

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association is throwing down the gauntlet to find the best change makers in the sector. As the association launches its inaugural Sustainability Awards, BMA chief executive Tom Reynolds shares an opportunity to distinguish your environmental initiatives and demonstrate how you are pushing the boundaries. 

"How do we make sure we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to sustainability? It’s a challenge to us all, to take a complete view of the impact we are having on our environment, to separate greenwash from the things that make a genuine impact.

"At the BMA we know this is part of our purpose. At some stage in the future, we will all look back on this time – post 2020 – as a period of rapid evolution. Launching our inaugural Sustainability Awards this year is one way we are pinpointing this moment of change. We appreciate the phenomenal hard work our members are doing to tackle sustainability head on, and we are going to recognise it. It’s the best way to set out our stall, share best practice, and uncover those areas of R&D and innovation that deserve the kudos. Entrants can showcase their project, team and company, helping to raise the bar of achievement across the sector. 

"BMA also took the decision to launch the awards to acknowledge the importance of sustainability as a pressing topic in our industry. This is one of our two strategic priorities as an association. That means the buy-in is there, our members are focussed on making changes to create a different, better and greener future. It’s the first time we have organised an awards like this and we anticipate it will grow and expand in future years as the bathroom industry breaks new ground in terms of sustainability.

"The awards are open to full BMA members and affiliates. Entries are now open – the deadline for submission is 5pm on 27th August, 2021. 

"Each entrant will complete a 400-word submission explaining their sustainability project or programme, along with a short supporting video, which can be self-shot footage. Independent, specialist and high-profile judges have been specifically selected for each of the categories, and will be looking for quality, impactful and inspirational examples of sustainability in action.

"The awards have been designed to give an opportunity to learn about other programmes and give a well-deserved boost to all those who are changing things for the better. We know transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but we also know there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes to improve the bathroom sector’s environmental credentials. It’s about like-minded people coming together to recognise this and address the collective responsibility we all share."

The Sustainability Awards categories are: 

Carbon Reduction Award 

Water Efficiency Award

Circular Economy Award

Workplace Initiative Award 

Sustainability Champion

For more information on the BMA's Sustainability Awards, click here.

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