Fresh fridge-freezer tech for the coolest kitchen environments

KitchensFeatures Tue 27th Jul 2021 by Lisa Hibberd

Fresh fridge-freezer tech for the coolest kitchen environments

Fresh fridge-freezer tech for the coolest kitchen environments

Feature by Lisa Hibberd | Tue 27th Jul 2021

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With both lifestyle trends and current events having an impact on consumer behaviour, the focus of many manufacturers has been on further developing technology such as smart connectivity, food preservation, and energy efficiency. Lisa Hibberd takes a look at the latest advances in cooling tech, and how retailers can successfully highlight these to their customers.

With the COVID pandemic forcing consumers to rethink their shopping habits, many are still buying groceries less regularly, so they’re often searching for extra cooling space, as well as ‘keep fresh’ technology when buying a new fridge-freezer. “Extending the life of fresh and frozen foods results in reducing food wastage, which of course benefits consumers financially, while also reducing the amount of wasted food ending up in landfill,” says Ricky Davies, director of Sub-Zero & Wolf. “A knock-on effect of longer-lasting foods equates to a drop in shopping trips; putting less pressure on local roads, thereby reducing fuel usage and pollution.”

Sub-Zero’s F-rated over/under refrigerator/freezer with French doors offers 492L of refrigeration and 175L of freezer space. Its air purification system – which vastly extends the life of fresh foods – is based on technology developed for NASA. A replaceable cartridge containing titanium dioxide crystals creates an ultra-violet light which ‘scrubs’ the air within the refrigerator every 20 minutes to remove odours, bacteria, mould, viruses and ethylene gas

This multi-door American-style fridge freezer boasts Beko’s HarvestFresh technology, which uses innovative three-colour light technology to mimic the sun’s 24-hour light cycle. This helps to preserve the vitamins in fruit and veg for up to five days in the crisper drawer. It’s rated F for energy efficiency and has a total capacity of 485 litres

Launched in May this year, Fisher & Paykel’s recessed handle French door fridge-freezer, is available in a matte black glass or stainless steel finish. Its large, 569L capacity has adjustable bins to allow consumers maximum flexibility, while the ActiveSmart Foodcare technology intelligently adjusts temperature, airflow, and humidity to provide the optimal storage temperature and keep food fresher for longer. It’s rated ‘F’ under the new energy label

Cooling appliances work around the clock, so those with smart connectivity that not only makes a client’s life easier, but can help to reduce their carbon footprint, are in high demand. Milo Cheney, cooling product manager – multidoors, for Haier UK & RoI, explains: “Hoover’s Artificial Intelligence fridge-freezers can provide helpful energy saving tips via the hOn smart home app, and can monitor the weather and outside temperature, ensuring the appliance is running at optimal efficiency and uses less energy, saving consumers money whilst also having a positive impact on the environment.” Content management is also a big focus at the moment, enabling consumers to either check what’s in the fridge or effectively manage the shelf life of foodstuffs.

A multi-door design such as the F-rated, 432-litre H-fridge 700 Maxi from Hoover is ideal for customers looking to save energy, as opening only the door to one fridge or freezer section reduces temperature dispersion. Total No Frost technology preserves the properties of many foods, and eliminates the need to defrost the freezer

Caple’s premium in-column models, RIL1796 and RIF1795, are packed full of features including keep-fresh technology, adjustable shelf balconies and enhanced LED lighting. The fridge has a capacity of 294 while the freezer offers 197 litres

The Professional Series French door refrigerator from Bertazzoni has a 412-litre refrigerator capacity and 175 litres of freezer space. A dual air-cooling system for the separate refrigerator and freezer compartments enables optimal temperature and humidity control for best food preservation, and it’s rated ‘F’ for energy efficiency

The Haier FD 70 Series 7 boasts a Humidity Zone – a special drawer which maintains the ideal humidity level for fruits and vegetables, while Haier’s Artificial Intelligence and the hOn App offer the ultimate in connected cooling. It’s E-rated for energy efficiency and has a total capacity of 475 litres

Consumers can monitor NEFF’s N 90 KI8865DE0 built-in fridge-freezer remotely by using the Home Connect app on their smartphone or tablet. FreshSafe and FreshSense help to make food last longer, while the BigBox freezer drawer caters for large and bulky items. It’s rated E on the energy scale, and has a total capacity of 223 litres

This wealth of new technology presents a key opportunity for retailers, so how should they be calling these features to the attention of their customers? Max McCormick, cooling product manager for Miele GB, says: “When it comes to displaying in store – we have found that it is beneficial to use active models with faux ingredients to help demonstrate and educate where the different food types should be stored for ensuring maximum freshness and longevity. Position yourselves as experts and authorities in this area to set yourselves apart from your competitors – offer real value with your advice to ensure your customers feel they are doing the right thing for both their own pocket and the environment.” Miele offers an award-winning training programme for its retail partners, which explains all benefits and points of difference to help inform and give sales advisors complete confidence in selling its products.

Miele’s MasterFresh technology, featured on its MasterCool K 2802 Vi fridge, works by combining the optimum temperature and humidity for the ingredients inside, and keeps fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy, fresher for longer. It benefits from WiFiConn@ct and MobileControl – operation is simple whether using the Miele app, voice control or existing smart home solutions. It offers a capacity of 467L and is E-rated for energy efficiency

Hotpoint’s HQ9I MO1L Active Four Door fridge-freezer has an impressive capacity of 554 litres – the equivalent of almost 31 shopping bags. With flexibility in mind, a handy convertible zone lets the user switch between fridge and freezer mode with the touch of a button, and choose from 12 different temperature settings. It’s rated ‘F’ on the new energy label scale

Looking further ahead, Valerie Posner, category manager built-in cooling for BSH Home Appliances, sees connectivity as one of the most important technologies in use in the cooling market. “With people being more aware of smart products, coupled with the fact that they want more convenience from their appliance, Wi-Fi-enabled products can help with this. By using our Home Connect app, features like remote controlling and monitoring of temperature and humidity, and getting live notifications if the door is left open, for example, allow consumers to really see the benefits of having a connected product. While we can already see rising interest in connectivity, in five years or so it is likely to be the main selling focus for fridge-freezers.” 

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