How Sanctuary Bathrooms helped create a design around a beautiful bath

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How Sanctuary Bathrooms helped create a design around a beautiful bath

How Sanctuary Bathrooms helped create a design around a beautiful bath

A narrow, characterful space was transformed into a peaceful haven with a clever mix of styles, products and finishes – Sanctuary Bathrooms director Richard Roberts reveals how it all started with a bath.

“The whole bathroom started because the client fell in love with the BC Designs freestanding bath,” remembers Richard Roberts of Sanctuary Bathrooms of this particular project. The distinctive BC Designs Casini bath was originally designed for the brand by its founder, Barrie Cutchie. A one-piece cast tub with a matt finish on the outside and gloss on the inside, the Casini measures 1680mm long, so could be comfortably accommodated in the 2 x 4.5metre space, and as the client chosen the Satin Rose ColourKast finish, it became the natural focal point of the scheme.

Using the bath as the starting point, the Sanctuary Bathrooms team then went away and sourced other products. The stone built period property came with some characterful features such as the wooden ceiling beams, and the client had already done plenty of research and had a fairly clear idea of the kind of aesthetic she wanted to create. For the basin area she selected a vintage table that the team transformed into a vanity unit.

“We offered some additional pieces that we felt would appeal,” says Richard. “The client had sourced some other items that she liked elsewhere and wanted, so we then had to work to match that and some of the colour choices.” This, however, turned out to be more of a challenge than anticipated. “We struggled with getting some of the finishes in the colour that she wanted, so this led to us suggesting brushed brass Crosswater MPRO taps, bath shower mixer and shower,” he says. The brushed brass adds warmth and complements the accessories and decor elsewhere in the room, while adding a traditional touch that chimes with the architecture of the house.

The curves of the Casini bath are echoed in all the other forms in the scheme, from the circular basin, curved brassware and fittings, through to the rounded corners of the mirror and vanity unit. Added to that are the scallop-shaped tiles in the shower area, which offer plenty of curves in a striking blue for contrast.

So what advice would Richard give to another designer who was embarking on a similar project? “The important thing is to be attentive and listen to the client and what they want and take into consideration what the key things for them are,” says Richard. “Ultimately it is about providing the bathroom of their dreams.” But he also thinks it’s vital to do your homework about all the products on the market and their different price points. “Understanding different brands and products and how they can work together to create a stunning style, yet offer practicality as well, all within the available budget, is key,” he says.

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