Haier to present smart home concept at Milan Design Week

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Haier to present smart home concept at Milan Design Week

Haier to present smart home concept at Milan Design Week

Haier has chosen Milan Design Week 2021 to bring its idea of the ultimate smart home into reality. The brand says that its technological innovation, refined design, and premium, tailor-made solutions will all be 'showcased in a highly immersive and emotional experience', with visitors themselves becoming active participants. 

The 'Haier – Connect to Extraordinary' experience is scheduled to be open to the public from 4th to 10th September, and located in a 400sq m space within Superstudio Più. The visitor itinerary will be divided into small groups, and for 15 minutes, they will each have the chance to experience a simulation of a fully interconnected home. This smart approach is said to come complete with an ecosystem of household appliances and connected solutions 'to enhance and improve' everyday life. 

The simulation, designed by Bonsai Ninja, will see visitors grappling with the need to prepare a dinner for friends entirely remotely due to an unforeseen event. The company says this is where artificial intelligence and Haier’s ecosystem solutions will come into play, starting from the new kitchen built-in range, passing through the connected refrigerators and wine cellars with exclusive preservation functions, up to the innovative solutions for air conditioning and professional laundry results.

Guided by hOn, the app created and developed by Haier to manage and control the functions of all the group’s appliances, visitors will be taken on an interactive journey through the Haier ecosystem and experiential world of the smart home.

“It’s an amazing journey to discover how the artificial intelligence of our appliances allows people to overcome limits that seemed insurmountable,” said Michele Bertacco, EMEAR senior brand manager at Haier, pictured. “Haier’s premium approach is focused on providing customers with results that exceed expectations, making the fridge capable of preserving food even longer, professional washing, and wonderful cooking experiences.” 

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