Silestone unveils new Loft series and HybriQ+ technology

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Silestone unveils new Loft series and HybriQ+ technology

Silestone unveils new Loft series and HybriQ+ technology

Silestone has launched its new Loft collection of five industrial-style colours that have been created using its innovative new HybriQ+ technology, which has resulted in what the company says is a new safer and more sustainable production process.  

The five Loft colours are each inspired by iconic towns with a distinctive history and style – Camden, Poblenau, Seaport, Nolita and Corktown. In response to Cosentino's market analysis, which has found that demand for rust, cement, steel and concrete finishes continues to rise, the colours are cement tones with an urban aesthetic. They also reflect the style of open-plan 'loft apartment' living that remains popular with consumers.

Accordng to Silestone, its HybriQ+ technology 'is a new production process which adheres to the company's commitment to the environment, the circular economy and sustainable management'. Now reused raw materials such as recycled glass can be incorporated, and the amount of crystalline silica involved has been significantly reduced. The brand said: 'This milesone is the result of more than three years of intense work by both Innovation and Product and Environment teams of the Cosentino Group.' 

The new colours are available to retailers immediately.

Pictured is Seaport, which is a dark, worn cement-style colour inspired by the small seaside district in south-eastern Manhattan.

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