BC Designs launches new finish to Cian bath range

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BC Designs launches new finish to Cian bath range

BC Designs launches new finish to Cian bath range

BC Designs has announced the launch of a striking new marble-effect finish to its Cian freestanding bath range.

Made using handcrafted techniques, each marble bath features its own entirely unique pattern and customers can choose any colour vein they desire for a bespoke result.

Made from Cian, BC Designs' patented material, the marble baths are resistant to both scratches and stains, as well as highly durable. The natural mineral compounds in Cian means the material is perfect for retaining heat, meaning the baths are ideal for even the longest of soaks.

Speaking about the new launch, Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs, said: "Marble is a majestic material that we associate with some of the most lavish interiors in the world. However, it’s a material that is both extremely expensive and requires specialist care to maintain it. Replicating marble is a fantastic alternative and can bring that glamorous, sophisticated look to the home without the cons."

He continued: "Marble is also a material that we associated with the spa trend, which continues to be a big hitter in the bathroom world. Our new marble bath adds a new dimension to the trend and can be used as a standalone piece, or alongside other marble-inspired items such as large format tiles."

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