Consumers are ready to make water matter, says UWLA's Yvonne Orgill

IndustryNews Wed 2nd Feb 2022 by KBBFocus

Consumers are ready to make water matter, says UWLA's Yvonne Orgill

Consumers are ready to make water matter, says UWLA's Yvonne Orgill

The tide is turning and consumers are ready to make water matter, says UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill.

“The pandemic has had a significant impact on how we all live. Spending more time at home has raised awareness of the impact we have on the planet from everyday activities such as heating our homes, cleaning and washing. This, together with the energy bill crisis, has brought the issue of how much water and energy we use into sharp focus.

“With predictions that the energy price cap is predicted to rise 51%, on 1st April, there could be steep rises, as much as £600/year, added to energy bills in the home.

“As an industry we can play our part by raising awareness of the relationship between heating water and energy bills and promoting those products that utilise the Unified Water Label, which can help homeowners use water efficiently and save money.

“Whilst we have this opportunity to tap into the changing attitudes of consumers, it is even more important to drive forward our message as water consumption has also risen by an estimated 15-20%, from people spending more time at home during the pandemic. 

“Other recent research in the industry highlights that consumers value innovations that use less energy. A recent survey from Whirlpool found that consumers are prepared to change their behaviour in order to reduce their environmental impact; with more than half (54%) saying they planned to reduce their water consumption.

“Another consumer report from Trend-Monitor found that the impact individuals are having on the future of the planet and sustainability was a key consideration for consumers throughout 2021. Their research also found that water efficiency was one of the top three sustainability goals for their homes.

“The Unified Water Label is an established and recognised smart tool that is widely available. We have the support of manufacturers who have responded by driving forward innovation to deliver the products that carry the label. Our task now is to mobilise the rest of the industry, the retailers, merchants and installers to promote these products, helping consumers meet their sustainability goals.”

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