BC Designs adds new Brass Boat Bath to portfolio

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BC Designs adds new Brass Boat Bath to portfolio

BC Designs adds new Brass Boat Bath to portfolio

British bath maker BC Designs, which recently celebrated its best year to date, has announced the launch of its first Brass Boat Bath, with each one being made by hand using smooth brass sheets to form the classic roll-top shape. Additionally, for the first time, BC Designs' painting service will also be available on the Brass Boat Bath, enabling customers to choose from a variety of colour options including utilising the company’s colour matching service.

Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs, said: “The Boat Bath was a status symbol when it first launched. We’ve taken the original design and honed it, making it extra comfortable for long soaks.

“Adding both the brass option and also allowing it to be painted was a natural extension of our Copper Boat Bath Collection. Brass has been the standout metallic of bathroom design in recent years and this will continue. It is warming, yet sophisticated and grown-up. It is the perfect accessory to the explosion of colour we have seen in bathrooms in recent years. 

“People can now combine the two with the painting service. We’ll naturally see people turning to blues and greens as these work so well with brass but we’re excited to see what unusual pairings their might be.” 

The Brass Boat Bath is available in two sizes – 1500mm and 1700mm – and comes polished and unlacquered. With each freestanding bath made individually by hand, gentle undulations and colour variations are a feature.

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