Blanco UK unveils new hygienic hidden waste disposal solutions

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Blanco UK unveils new hygienic hidden waste disposal solutions

Blanco UK unveils new hygienic hidden waste disposal solutions

Blanco UK has introduced three waste disposal solutions as part of its Blanco Unit concept. The Unit has been created for the busiest area of the kitchen and is designed to help customers devise feature-rich kitchen hubs, and additionally to give retailers upselling opportunities. The system combines sinks, taps, in-cabinet waste and organisation systems into innovative and flexible solutions for modern kitchen life.

Blanco offers three waste disposal models that can be selected according to the size of the kitchen or the number of people in the household. The Blanco FWD Max premium model suits large households. The components for the three-stage grinding process are made of stainless steel, along with the auto-reverse function and ultra-quiet operation, make for quick, easy disposal. The system incorporates a 1200ml grinding chamber, a powerful AC induction motor and a three-bolt installation system.

The Blanco FWD Medium and FWD Lite models are designed for the medium and smaller dwelling. If the space in the base cabinet is limited, Blanco's special solutions such as SELECT BOTTON II 30/2 can be used.

The company says the sink base cabinet plays a major role in kitchen planning as it is the place where waste is collected, cleaning products are stored, and it is often limited in space due to plumbing components. With a drinking water system in the cabinet too, it is important to have a waste or organisation system which makes optimal use of the space.

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