Rotpunkt adds new Fenix Green colour to 2022 collection

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Rotpunkt adds new Fenix Green colour to 2022 collection

Rotpunkt adds new Fenix Green colour to 2022 collection

German kitchen furniture manufacturer Rotpunkt has launched Fenix Green – a new super-matt rich green colour boasting an easy-clean, hygienic, anti-fingerprint surface. 

Fenix Green is one of three new colourways to expand the Fenix collection in 2022, with the latest new additions of Green, Red and Blue adding to Black and Grey, which first launched the range in 2020. Available for use on the company’s bestselling Zerox kitchen furniture, the Fenix door range offers a rich colour palette, which is soft to touch and extremely resilient, providing enhanced antibacterial properties so kitchen surfaces are always protected.

Advantages include:
- Enhanced antibacterial properties = inhibiting microorganisms to grow and reproduce
- Extremely matt surface = low light reflectivity
- Anti-fingerprint, soft to touch
- Resistant against scratches and minor abrasions
- Resistance to dry heat, acid solvents and household cleaning agents

Sherwood Black frames the new Fenix Green door to create a modern colour combination that evokes elements of nature with the latest nanotechnology. Built with sustainability in mind, Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt, said: “A new favourite in 2022, the colour green has previously been associated with more classic kitchen schemes, so we are delighted to bring it to the forefront of contemporary kitchen design with our new range of Fenix colours.”

He added: “Combining high-fashion green, which both and House Beautiful champion as the colour of choice in 2022, alongside realistic faux finishes and industrial-style accents is a great way to satisfy today’s discerning homeowner, which demands the very best in sustainable style.”

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