UWLA: Saving water can no longer be ignored as drought warnings grow

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UWLA: Saving water can no longer be ignored as drought warnings grow

UWLA: Saving water can no longer be ignored as drought warnings grow

With almost half of EU land currently under a drought warning or a more severe 'alert' level, water efficiency can no longer be ignored, according to the UWLA.

“Our water efficiency message has never been more critical,” said Unified Water Label Association MD, Yvonne Orgill. “This week the European Commission confirmed that the continued drought is hampering agriculture, energy production and water supplies across Europe. With more extreme hot weather predicted, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has issued a heat-health alert for this week, and hosepipe bans have come into effect in parts of England from three Water Authorities, with more set to follow.

“People have to start taking on board our message to use water wisely, if we are to have any impact and reduce the hardship that will result from severe water shortages. We hope that people can now see that the dangers of warming our planet are no longer something distant, it's here and now and affecting every region in the world."

She added that when displayed on products, the Unified Water Label clearly identifies how much water and energy that products uses, prompting consumers to make more informed choices, as as such can help us all to make the necessary changes when it comes to water efficiency. 

She added: “Innovation in our industry has delivered products that use less water and energy, without any loss of performance, making it easier for consumers to make environmentally friendly choices. The UWLA is committed to driving home the water efficiency message, encouraging everyone in the supply chain to support us by highlighting the label and the products that carry it, to ensure more of these products are used in the home.

“We would urge all of our European partners to support the Unified Water Label, so that we can help consumers understand the issues around water scarcity, the link with energy and carbon emissions, and collectively make a positive difference.”

Those interested in finding out how they can become involved by supporting the UWLA or joining our campaign can find out more by visiting www.uwla.eu.

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