Malcolm Scott on what Swift is doing to tackle the supply chain crisis

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Malcolm Scott on what Swift is doing to tackle the supply chain crisis

Malcolm Scott on what Swift is doing to tackle the supply chain crisis

In response to Tim Wallace's recent article about alternative appliance suppliers, Swift commercial director Malcolm Scott reveals how the company has rallied to support customers and outlines its current offering.

It sometimes looks like the ‘appliance world’ is falling apart with bulletin after bulletin from manufacturers advising retailers and distributors that large numbers of models are simply not available. Logistical problems are widespread with a stream of alerts and warnings from the UK’s major appliance brands. 

Shortages exist right across the spectrum of domestic appliances from ‘entry level’ to ‘top end’. Swift has developed a clear ‘available from stock’ message to help our Kitchen Studio customers to supply complete kitchens, working with those manufacturers who do have capacity to create a package of ‘off the shelf’ appliances that have the different features and benefits needed for the various segments of the market and which have consumer recognition. At the ‘top end’ of the market there is a major shortage of branded high-specification ovens, hobs and compact cooking – Swift has introduced Franke Mythos appliances, De Dietrich appliances and Bertazzoni appliances to give our customers real choice and alternatives directly from stock.

The Franke Mythos Appliance offering covers 15 function TFT pyroclean ovens, with full colour picture display panels plus Hydrolytic steam cooking options and LCD dial control oven options in black and stainless steel with matching 45cm compact full combination ovens, with microwave and grill. The range also includes warming drawers and induction hob options including an extractor hob plus a full range of extractors.

The De Dietrich oven offering is all pyroclean in platinum grey, absolute black, coal black and pure white finishes with full picture TFT control options. This range includes 45cm compact combination ovens, a compact combination steamer, a coffee maker and a top-of-the-range 60cm Perfect Sensor oven, which electronically senses the density and humidity of each dish, to create perfect cooking results. The De Dietrich selection includes induction hobs, gas hobs, a warming drawer, a hob with extractor, chimneys, dishwashers and fridge-freezer options.

The Bertazzoni collection includes a huge range of premium range cookers and large refrigeration and an extensive line-up of extractor hobs, induction hobs and gas hobs. Bertazzoni built-in ovens are available in a traditional Professional aesthetic and a Modern aesthetic, with black or stainless steel finish and encompassing full multifunction, plus total steam ovens with full traditional cooking and pyroclean. The Bertazzoni collection also includes a full 45cm compact cooking offering with microwave only, full combi and combi steam.

For middle range, Swift has partnered with Whirlpool to create a selection of ‘from stock’ oven sets in the modern W Collection aesthetic – these ovens include pyroclean, and TFT picture quality controls, plus steam assisted cooking options. The Whirlpool range includes a wide choice of integrated laundry, dishwashing and refrigeration, plus a built-in coffee maker, a 45cm compact steamer and a wide range of hob choices.

For the entry level Swift has relaunched New World cooking and commitment to a large UK stock holding – this range includes well specified ovens, hobs and range cooking at very competitive pricing.

Swift has also partnered up with Hoover Candy and now holds in stock over 3,000 core lines across the two brands to ensure that we always have large stocks ‘key products’ across built-in and freestanding at extremely competitive prices. 

Here at Swift, we are always doing everything in our power to support our customers, but we have worked even harder during this period of severe and persistent supply chain problems to make sure that we continue to put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

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