Kutchenhaus introduces 'hundreds of new lines' to 2023 portfolio

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Kutchenhaus introduces 'hundreds of new lines' to 2023 portfolio

Kutchenhaus introduces 'hundreds of new lines' to 2023 portfolio

Nobilia-owned Kutchenhaus has announced the introduction of 'hundreds of new lines' to its 2023 product portfolio, including a new range and colourway, cabinetry, handles, worktops, lighting and sinks. The German kitchen retailer has also launched an innovative grid system, named ‘the living system n144’. Centred around ‘My world. My home’, the 2023 updates aim to meet life’s demands in an especially modern way.

The new additions include Senso, pictured here – a matt lacquered range with an anti-fingerprint coating, and one of six new fronts from Kutchenhaus and its launch is accompanied by finishes including Riva 843 (authentic oak), StoneArt 305 (Taupe grey basalt) and EasyTouch 968 (ultramatt white).

Additionally, Nobilia Kitchens has unveiled the 2023 Nobilia grid system, named n144, which the companys says 'ensures the perfect kitchen solution for every individual need'. Designed to optimise kitchen storage and deliver ultimate space and structure, the 144mm height guarantees plenty of capacity and clean lines. 

Kutchenhaus has also extended its worktop offer, added a new dresser unit and herb feature, and supplemented its handle options.

Paul Lee, head of marketing at Kutchenhaus, said: “The Kutchenhaus 2023 collection has been created in order to meet the very individualised needs of today’s kitchen consumers. Being part of Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer enables us to both garner from and cater to mixed tastes from across the continent and that, combined with the company’s seven decades of experience enables us to keep our kitchens at the forefront of design and style.”

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