UWLA welcomes Government's roadmap for 'a cleaner, greener country'

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UWLA welcomes Government's roadmap for 'a cleaner, greener country'

UWLA welcomes Government's roadmap for 'a cleaner, greener country'

The Unified Water Label Association (UWLA) has responded positively following the Government's launch of its five-year delivery plan (on 31st January) to restore nature and improve the environmental quality of the air, our waters and our land. While the ambitious roadmap has been slammed by environmental groups, UWLA  managing director Yvonne Orgill welcomed the renewed focus on water efficiency and new water-efficient technologies.

“The UWLA welcomes that the Government recognises they must take action to combat the impact of climate change. The plans may not be perfect but they do create some noise around the issue, and fuel the debate of what must be done to bring about change," she said.

“The road map makes reference to a mandatory water label. We are already in discussion with Government about the industry-led Unified Water Label, seeking to illustrate to them that this a smart solution, which is already in place and well supported.

“The UWLA would like to see the Government take note that within Europe the Unified Water Label has been referenced in the European Green Deal and taxonomy, as well as internationally via the ISO 31600.

“The Unified Water Label can provide what the Government is seeking to meet its objectives and we look forward to continuing our discussions with them.

“We have gained considerable support in the last 12 months from a wide range of companies and organisations, from independent retailers, to merchants, test houses and world leading manufacturers and retailers. Together we are able to educate consumers on the link between using water, energy and carbon wisely, empowering them to play their part, and make more informed choices, which will result in behaviour change for the benefit of the planet.”

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