Why quiet water flushes and showers are making waves in the bathroom

BathroomsFeatures Tue 13th Jun 2023 by Sally Smith

Why quiet water flushes and showers are making waves in the bathroom

Why quiet water flushes and showers are making waves in the bathroom

Feature by Sally Smith | Tue 13th Jun 2023

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Flushes and showers that make less noise, reduce splashing and save water are a growing trend – Sally Smith finds out more about the latest products and explores what benefits there are for customers.

Up until now, reducing the noise that water makes in the bathroom has not generally been a requirement when clients are in the process of planning their designs, but maybe now it should be. There are a growing number of 'quiet water' products making their way onto the market, that have the combined benefit of reducing sound disturbance, creating less splash and saving water.

The Tornado Flush from Toto uses only 4.5 litres of water and is said to practically eliminate the spread of bacterial spray in the bathroom, while being incredibly quiet too at just 64.8dB

“Consumers usually accept their current toilet’s noise level as normal, not realising how technology can improve the quality and comfort of their daily life through noise reduction,” explains Kazuki Osugi, general manager at Toto UK. This is why retailers need to highlight the benefits the latest Quiet Water technology has to offer customers, Osugi continues. “Our Tornado Flush is incredibly quiet at 64.8 dB. This new quiet water technology is not only quieter than conventional flushes, and uses less water, but the powerful flush creates a strong whirlpool of water that reaches every inch of the toilet bowl. All dirt and waste is efficiently and completely flushed away without producing any spray.”

Ensuring clients understand the latest technological advancements in these specialist quiet bathroom products is key to making a sale. Bathroom designer, Erin White, from Ripples Towcester showroom adds: “The innovative quiet water flushing system avoids disturbing the whole house on late night trips to the bathroom but it's extremely powerful, with a dynamic water vortex which flushes the toilet perfectly clean with as little water as possible. This has the added benefit of reducing water usage, offering a more sustainable option.”

Laufen’s latest Silent Flush wall-mounted toilet from the Meda collection is ultra-quiet, hygienic and water-saving too as this innovative technology flushes the water powerfully but quietly in a spiral through the toilet bowl

A unique USP of quiet water flushes is that they use a much lower water volume than a standard WC definitely making it an eco friendly option for customers.

Emma Mottram, brand marketing manager at Laufen explains: “To create the necessary swirl of water associated with Silent Flush, the interior of the rimless toilet is specially shaped to direct the water along an optimised spiral path. It’s worth pointing out to customers that a Silent Flush toilet does not change anything about the toilet's exterior design.”

These quiet water products are not only quiet and save water but a ‘silent flush’ toilet doesn’t require a plastic water distributor, reducing the environmental impact of the purchase.

Mottram adds: “During a full flush, water enters the bowl from the cistern and creates a siphoning effect that removes waste from the toilet. At the same time, air is released into the cistern, creating a vacuum that efficiently draws water and waste away from the bowl. During a half flush, only a small amount of water is released from the cistern, creating enough pressure to remove liquid waste.”

The Villeroy & Boch Universo TwistFlush in White Alpin CeramicPlus saves up to 19,700 litres of water a year and is quick and easy to clean, reducing the use of harmful chemicals

These latest quiet water flushing systems are designed to optimise the physical power of the water vortex in the bowl to create a controlled flush with practically no splashing and virtually no need to brush.

This QuietMark approved Grohe Rapid SLX flush frame offers state-of-the-art plumbing solutions for any style of bathroom with a ‘whisper quiet’ flush alongside a sleek toilet bowl design

The quiet water flush is definitely a growing trend but there are other quiet alternatives such as the Grohe’s Whisper dual-flush cistern to offer to customers. Ronke Ugbaja, lead product manager for Grohe UK & Lixil EMENA, adds: "Thanks to decoupled pipe supports, there is no sound transfer to the structure of the building when the water is released from the cistern to the bowl. This toilet design can be located in the most convenient location without fear of disturbing others."

These rimless wall-hung toilets are also plumber friendly as their integrated flow manager allows for the simple adjustment of water flow, and models include integrated electric sockets that facilitates easy plug-and-play installation for shower toilets if customers want to upgrade.

VitrA’s range of wall-hung and reduced height back-to-wall frames with concealed 3/6 and 2.5/4 litre cisterns, for floor and wall fixed toilets, provide a cost effective quiet water solution

An in-wall cistern for a WC is one of the best ways to reduce noise in the bathroom.  Not only is the cistern concealed behind a wall to keep noise to a minimum, but VitrA also manufactures cisterns with a specially engineered fill valve lined with insulating Styrofoam to keep filling noise to an absolute minimum.

Hansgrohe Raindance S Overhead Shower 240 1 jet with shower arm has a unique PowderRain spray pattern with an incredibly fine micro spray, making this the ideal choice for a noise-conscious customer, while also reducing water and energy consumption

A power shower may often be a popular choice for customers, but the sound of water drumming on the shower tray can be impactful, particularly in a situation such as an apartment block. This is where a quiet water shower can make a big difference.

Sarah Evans, head of product marketing at Hansgrohe UK, says: “Shower heads that incorporate different spray patterns can provide your customers with a luxurious showering experience, especially if it takes the selection to the next level. With this in mind we have put significant investment into micro spray technology, the PowderRain is much finer than conventional shower jets; with up to six ultra-fine outlets per nozzle, spray is transformed into thousands of micro droplets, designed to envelop the body in a gentle cocoon of water. What’s more, these micro droplets help to reduce noise and minimise splashing, creating a peaceful, tranquil space for your customers.”

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