Sustainable style: Grazziella Wilson's 6 tile picks for an eco project

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Sustainable style: Grazziella Wilson's 6 tile picks for an eco project

Sustainable style: Grazziella Wilson's 6 tile picks for an eco project

From carbon-neutral tiles created in cutting-edge workshops to reclaimed tiles giving materials a second chance at life, Ca' Pietra's head of creative Grazziella Wilson suggests 6 sustainable choices for a planet-friendly kitchen or bathroom project.

1. Natural stone everything
The OG tile material, natural stone is a classic, and a complete superstar when it comes to sustainability. It’s about longevity and the whole-life carbon impact natural stone tiles have on the planet – typically very little. Natural stone tiles – slate, marble, limestone, terracotta and the like – last the course in every respect. They’re solid, they’re sturdy, they won’t let you down, and they always, always look good. Timeless is the word, and once laid, they can stay in place for a lifetime and longer. Ultimately, natural stone tiles are there to make a stand to throw-away culture, so lay them on floors, run them up walls and even extend them into an outside space. 

2. Ca' Pietra's Recycled Reform collection
36 tactile tiles make up our game-changing Reform collection, all made from 60% recycled stone content AND, to make them more sustainable still, in a carbon-neutral factory. These are double-whammy do-good tiles. They were soon snapped up by the likes of planet-conscious fashion brand Rixo who used two pastel Reform tiles in a chequerboard across their flagship store in London. Three sizes, 12 shades, and ready to be used across walls and floors, Reform is proof that sustainability looks and feels good. 

3. Planet-kind pumice terrazzo
Tiles don’t get more chic than Italian-style terrazzo, whether the natural version of a porcelain ode to terrazzo like the Pumice collection. With two neutral versions to choose from, this micro collection contributes to the sustainability crusade by its make-up – 40% of which is from recycled materials.

4. Recycled glass tiles from Brasserie
Porcelain, ceramic, natural stone – they’re the go-to materials you first think of in the world of tiles. But don’t go forgetting the underdog – glass tiles. Our Brasserie glass tiles are crafted not just from any glass, but recycled glass, meaning there’s no demand on the planet for extra materials to be sourced or formed, making use of what’s already out there and breathing new (and beautiful) life right back into it. Hexagonal mosaic tiles that are richly colored and that glimmer gorgeously on walls and floors? Yes please!

5. Rich and reclaimed terracotta
Terracotta has to be one of the earthiest tiles out there. Already doing good by being a natural stone tile, to tile with terracotta is to already tread sustainable steps, but why not go one better? Enter reclaimed terracotta tiles. We’ve got two going on in our collection right now – the Antique Burgundy 100-year-old reclaimed French terracotta tiles (pictured) and the Pavers reclaimed terracotta parquet and brick tiles. Every tile is completely unique and rich in stories as much as colour. 

6. Proper Good Paint
Stepping away from sustainable tiles for a moment, we couldn’t write on the topic without touching on the other string to the Ca’ Pietra bow – our planet-friendly paint range, Proper Good Paint. 44 serene shades to use across any and every room, they tick every sustainable paint box from being completely water-based and containing mega low VOCs (paint that contains high VOC levels can emit them for up to five years after being applied) to help improve air quality in and outside your client's home. 

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