Kutchenhaus reveals product portfolio expansion for 2024

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Kutchenhaus reveals product portfolio expansion for 2024

Kutchenhaus reveals product portfolio expansion for 2024

Kutchenhaus has expanded its offering for customers in 2024 through the addition of new products, materials, finishes and colours to its kitchen collection. Owned by kitchen manufacturer Nobilia, Kutchenhaus has introduced a host of solutions in 2024 which 'enable its customers to get more creative than ever before'.         

The popular Senso range is refreshed for 2024 through the addition of four new colours. Top-selling shades, alpine white and slate grey, are added to the collection alongside pastel colours, honed jade and coral. Senso kitchens feature true lacquer doors, which offer anti-fingerprint coating, maximum durability, and an ultra-soft feel with a more intense depth of colour. The collection’s melamine chipboard consists of 100% recycled material and is produced without the use of virgin fibres, meaning the surface is completely recyclable. For that reason, it has been certified with the Blue Angel eco label. 

Kutchenhaus has also launche brand-new collection Novalux for 2024, pictured. The Novalux range is lacquered on all sides and features a high-gloss appearance. New finishes, available for a clean look that shimmers, include White high gloss, Alpine White high gloss and Satin Grey high gloss. Joining the new Novalux range and additions to Senso are also new fronts for the existing Laser collection too. These are Black Concrete and Taupe Grey.

Paul Lee, head of marketing at Kutchenhaus, said: “Our 2024 collection is designed to add style to the home and provide more variety for our customers. We find those who choose our brand love to customise their space, working with our experts to blend styles together in a way that allows them to create their dream kitchen. A visit to one of our showrooms now means you can discuss the new 2024 additions, providing more scope than ever before to be creative.” 

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