Onfigr chosen by Torginol to create new 3D flooring configurator

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Onfigr chosen by Torginol to create new 3D flooring configurator

Onfigr chosen by Torginol to create new 3D flooring configurator

Configurator platform Onfigr has been chosen by Torginol to streamline its online visualiser to help save the brand time and money on physical samples. By providing photorealistic 3D visuals using the Onfigr Visualiser, Torginol is now able to cater for customers looking for its range of ready mixed blends and bespoke resin flooring, which is available in a variety of colours, patterns, textures and sheens. 

Grace Gagnon, brand manager at Torginol, said: “Partnering with Onfigr to develop our flooring configurator has greatly improved our product visualisation capabilities and user satisfaction. Their team took the time to understand the nuance of our product and really brought it to life.”

The new Torginol Floor Visualiser contains hundreds of resin floor blend-presets as well as a new Blend Customiser tool for digitally mixing bespoke blends including flake sizes, colours and sheens. This highly customisable design feature allows end users to combine infinite options, which can be created and viewed instantly. 

When the customer has made their final choice, they can simply save and share designs, as well as order samples directly from Torginol.

Pete Simpson, technical director at Onfigr, which is developed and managed by the award-winning team behind Pikcells.com, said: “It was important to create an interactive solution that aligned with Torginol's innovative approach, and our flooring visualiser tool puts them firmly at the forefront of the industry.”

Stephen Mooney, sales director at Onfigr, added: “By leaning into 3D environments as a new way for customers to experience its products, Torginol can accurately showcase the colours and textures of its durable flooring solutions on screen. End users really appreciate being able to navigate around the 3D interior space and zoom into the flooring so they can be confident their product choice is visually appealing from every angle.”





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