Impey announces launch of new Aqua-Dec Linear 1 Floor Former

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Impey announces launch of new Aqua-Dec Linear 1 Floor Former

Impey announces launch of new Aqua-Dec Linear 1 Floor Former

Award-winning UK wetroom solutions manufacturer Impey has announced the launch of a brand-new floor former, the Aqua-Dec Linear 1. With a seamless aesthetic, ideal for large format tiles, the brand’s new wetroom dec will complete their floor former collection, making it the largest and most comprehensive offering in the UK. Impey’s new Aqua-Dec Linear 1 is available now. 

Impey’s collection of UK-manufactured Linear wetroom floor formers is a long-time favourite of bathroom designers, specifiers and end-users alike. A linear wetroom dec offers a sleek, modern look, in addition to practicality, functionality, flexibility and safety. The introduction of the new Aqua-Dec Linear 1 has completed Impey’s linear offering – its seamless contemporary design works with large-format tiles and luxury bathrooms, as well as offering increased options for bathroom layout and accessibility. With a single gradient to direct water to the drainage point, the 800mm drain is positioned next to and in-line with the wall for an ultra-modern appearance.

The contemporary single gradient also ensures that the Aqua-Dec Linear 1 is quick and simple to tile, with no need to mitre the tiles. A large selection of drain top designs offer personalisation; available in a variety of on-trend colours and materials. Or for a ‘barely there’ look, opt for a tiled insert drain top which disguises the drain top making it virtually imperceptible.

Martin Taylor, category manager shower floors, said: “The launch of our Aqua-Dec Linear 1 has solidified our Impey floor former portfolio as the largest on the UK market. We now offer 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-way wetroom floor formers, a milestone that we are hugely proud of.”

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