Unidrain chosen for three hotel-style spa bathrooms

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Unidrain chosen for three hotel-style spa bathrooms

Unidrain chosen for three hotel-style spa bathrooms

Unidrain has revealed that its drains have been chosen for each of the three bathrooms within the home of Ronni Gol, the owner of Danish lighting company LIGHT-POINT. 

When renovating his 90-year-old villa, located in the north of Copenhagen, Gol aimed to replicate the look and feel of a hotel bathroom with luxurious finishes that would create an indulgent spa-style. On the walls and floors he opted for large, 80 x 80 cm, grey-brown Grigio Billiemi marble tiles from Sicily. The marble has a gold like thread running through it which perfectly complements the brass fixtures, drains and accessories. 

Gol says he selected Unidrain HighLine drains because he was impressed by their quality, design, and the fact they matched the classic Vola fixtures he had chosen. Accessories from Unidrain’s Reframe collection were also specified. 

Gol said: “It is entirely deliberate that I have chosen a Unidrain HighLine brass linear drain in a solid panel. I could have selected a more discreet solution, but I feel that it emphasises the warm atmosphere and spa feeling that I like. Just as I like things to match.”


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