New study reveals van theft and break-in hotspots in UK

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New study reveals van theft and break-in hotspots in UK

New study reveals van theft and break-in hotspots in UK

Trade supplier Tradefix Direct has revealed the results of a new study, which used FOI data from police constabularies, to show the van theft and break-in hotspots in the UK.

Figures showed that West Yorkshire is the van theft hotspot of the UK, with 2,133 vans being stolen since January 2022. Nottinghamshire ranks in second place (709 vans stolen), with Merseyside coming in third (653). In terms of break-ins, those in Merseyside are most likely to have vans broken into (3,749 since January 2022). West Yorkshire (2,490 break-ins) and Northamptonshire (1,161) rank in second and third place, respectively.

Tradefix Direct owner and manager Paul Kershaw said: "Vans can be targeted by opportunistic thieves due to the valuables they may contain, such as tools and building supplies. It’s therefore crucial to take steps to reduce your risk of being a victim to van theft or a break-in."

Among the precautions that tradespeople can take, Tradefix Direct advises:

Explore van security alarms 
Not all vans will have a fitted alarm and immobiliser as standard. This particular type of alarm system will prevent a van’s engine from starting, when it detects a break-in. There are a range of alarm systems on the market, offering different levels of protection.

Consider extra security measures 
Consider fitting extra security locks. Fitting a tracking device should help to locate a van, in the event it is stolen.

Security mark tools
Security marking tools can act as a deterrent, as it is a clear signal that they are not in the hands of the rightful owner. This can be achieved through various means such as engraving, UV pens and security stickers.

Park in well-lit areas 
Avoid parking in any isolated off-road spots, and opt to park in a well-lit area instead. In addition, tradespeople should be aware of surroundings when loading and unloading tools.

Remove tools from van when parked overnight 
To reduce the risk of tools being stolen overnight, unload during the day and store them in a more secure place.

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