Bertazzoni launches Good and Simple cookbook to mark 140th anniversary

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Bertazzoni launches Good and Simple cookbook to mark 140th anniversary

Bertazzoni launches Good and Simple cookbook to mark 140th anniversary

Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer, Bertazzoni, has released a cookbook containing cherished family recipes that it says have been passed through generations. Inspired by original recipes of the family’s (third generation) great-grandmother, Good and Simple: Traditions of Family Cooking, combines the Bertazzoni family’s deep-rooted passion for food, family and engineering.

Split into chapters, including ‘Land of the Plenty’ and ‘The Family Table’, the book presents the Bertazzoni roots, what they do, who they are and a selection of triumphant favourites. The Bertazzoni family hometown, Emilia-Romagna, is considered one of Italy’s most plentiful regions for its abundant and varied harvest. The book freely weaves in the rich produce of the land with the great history of the Bertazzoni brand.

Together with classic Italian recipes, such as Risotto Alla Milanese and Semolina Gnocchi, the book also features specially-commissioned illustrations created by established London-based artist Rosie McGuinness. Known for her strong hand-drawn lines and playful colours, her striking work for this book reflects a food journey from market to the family dinner table. McGuinness noted her interested in art that ‘can be portrayed simply and without conceit;’ values that perfectly align with Bertazzoni morals.

Valentina Bertazzoni, style and brand director, said: “We feel immense pride in releasing this celebratory cookbook for the 140th anniversary of the Bertazzoni brand. It brings to life the precious recipes of my great-grandmother, handed down through generations. It is very a unique and personal portrayal of our diverse cooking culture. As a business our principles are deep set within family, engineering and a love for cooking food beautifully. This cookbook is in honour of these ethos that retain a place for the calm of old things, the values and tastes that remain constant to give us perspective and judgement.”

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