Egger presents market launch of new Decorative Collection 24+

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Egger presents market launch of new Decorative Collection 24+

Egger presents market launch of new Decorative Collection 24+

Egger has unveiled its new rolling collection concept for distributors, designers, architects and fabricators. Now available to order, the Egger Decorative Collection 24+ is packed with inspiring new introductions and a wide range of digital tools, all delivered via the company’s market-leading customer services.

The collection has evolved from its last release in 2020, to expand its offer of adaptable interior design solutions that reflect increasingly changing design trends. “The past 4 years have been marked by uncertainty. Special market requirements, a dynamic competitive environment and fast-moving trends have pushed us to fully rethink the concept of our Decorative Collection,” said Hubert Höglauer, head of product management and marketing furniture and interior design for Egger Group.

The Decorative Collection 24+ is Egger's first 'rolling' collection. This means that it will be updated with new decor and texture combinations every 2 years, which will enhance the existing range. Höglauer added: “This rolling concept allows us to react faster to new trends, influences and product innovations. Despite shorter update cycles, we guarantee that all new introductions remain in the range for at least 4 years. This provides planning certainty for our customers." In summary, Egger’s customer base receives a globally uniform decor and product portfolio that is always up to date. Regional needs are covered via localised stock programmes.

The international Decorative Collection 24+ offers over 300 decor and texture combinations, available across Egger’s wide product portfolio and unique matching material offer. 239 combinations are available in internationally stocked laminate. The collection also includes 202 Eurodekor finishes, with an environmentally sustainable chipboard core, suitable for a wide variety of applications across multi-sector design.

Aimee Fletcher, Egger UK’s design & product manager, has pulled from the international range a bespoke collection of 158 finishes that will be available from the UK stock programme, with widespread availability throughout the distributor network and a fast turnaround to streamline project delivery. This UK stock programme includes 102 new decors and 6 new textures. Among those are 25 developments in matt surface technology, including award-winning PerfectSense Lacquered Chipboard in solid colour and woodgrain reproductions. Other new arrivals include 19 innovative material finishes that offer opulent surfaces in natural stones and luxurious metallics. 

A consolidated range of 50 Door Size Laminate finishes, 9 Coloured Core Laminate options, 39 Worktop reproductions across two thickness and three formats, 12 Accent Edgings and a matching edging for every finish, completes Egger UK’s expansive stock offer of more design possibilities for 2024 and beyond.

Aimee Fletcher said: “The launch of our new collection is a pivotal moment for the furniture and interior design industry. We are providing our customers with the products and finishes they need to create stunning, yet sustainable furniture and interior design over the next few years.”

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