How consumers want seamless integrated waste management solutions

KitchensFeatures Tue 25th Jun 2024 by Sally Smith

How consumers want seamless integrated waste management solutions

How consumers want seamless integrated waste management solutions

Feature by Sally Smith | Tue 25th Jun 2024

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Food waste disposers and multi-compartment waste storage units are exactly what environmentally conscious customers really want when planning their new kitchen designs – Sally Smith talks to the experts.

In recent years UK households have become acutely aware of the damaging effect on the environment of general waste and especially food scraps. As a result, a well-considered waste management solution to help reduce overall CO2 emissions and recycle waste as efficiently as possible is definitely a ‘must have’ for customers when designing a kitchen.

The Evolution Plus 1000SR waste disposer from InSinkErator features a 1HP motor and at a compact 20.9cm is ideal for smaller kitchens. With 4 grind stages it can tackle a variety of food that will easily pass through the plumbing, just like waste water

The demand for food waste disposers is slowly on the rise as they offer customers an alternative to relying solely on food caddies for separating food waste in the home.

"Consumers are more conscious than ever before when it comes to recycling and waste separation. 60% of UK food waste comes from households and in 2021/22, UK households generated 6.4m tonnes of food and drink waste, 2m tonnes of which were inedible or unavoidable," explains Anne Kaarlela, InSinkErator marketing communications and customer service manager, Europe.

She adds: "One of the key benefits of food waste disposers is that they don’t need emptying, as food waste is ground into small particles that pass through the plumbing, just like wastewater. Food waste disposers can be fitted to most sinks and work using standard plumbing. They fit in standard kitchen cabinets of 600mm with no additional space required and our Premium Next Generation models have reduced in size, making them easier to specify for smaller spaces."

Food waste disposers can be the ideal solution to food disposal for customers where outside composting or food collection is not a viable option.

The Reginox Waste Disposal Unit 0.75 HP RD100i has an air switch, which sends a blast of air through the system that activates the waste disposal, so it can be installed on a worktop with speeds of 2700 RPM and 0.75 horsepower

Dave Mayer, Reginox UK commercial director, adds: "We have seen fluctuations in this sector. Some years ago, waste disposal sales had a definite growth spike when waste collections were a hot topic in the news, but that seems to have slowed somewhat. However, we do still see vast opportunities though, especially in the developer sector, with the continuing growth in high rise and city centre developments the need to reduce waste to a minimum is ever more pressing."

This comprehensive waste management system integrates the Blanco Multi Frame storage and waste systems with their Food Waste Disposer [FWD].  The Max is suitable for larger households, Medium FWD for average-sized households and FWD Lite, with the smallest grinding capacity is ideal for a couple or smaller family

"There has been a notable increase in demand for food waste disposers in recent years as more consumers are seeking convenient and hygienic solutions to manage food scraps effectively," explains Tamsin Mills, brand communications manager at Blanco.

"The Blanco Multi Frame combines food waste disposers with waste storage for recyclables, fitting neatly into suitable-sized cabinets. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive kitchen waste management system, allowing households to separate recyclables from food waste efficiently, maintaining a clean and eco-friendly kitchen environment. Thanks to the 3-bolt installation system, our food waste disposer is quick and easy to install and can be retrofitted into almost any kitchen design, except for Belfast sink styles, making them ideal for both new installations and renovations."

Masterclass Kitchens’ 800mm-wide VelaBin cabinet in Portland Oak provides an impressive 104 litres of waste storage with the addition of 42 litres of extra storage for waste bags, cleaning products or trays – perfect for a larger kitchen

Cassie Jones, brand manager at Masterclass Kitchens, says: "Make sure to evaluate the customer's current waste management needs and anticipate potential changes in recycling regulations or household habits. This ensures the waste storage solution remains practical and adaptable over time. Additionally, incorporating carbon filter lids for bins that will help trap and neutralise odours, creating a more pleasant environment for the users enhancing the functionality and user experience of the waste storage solution."

Customers are looking for streamlined waste solutions – a single cabinet with multi-compartment bins to easily sort recycling, compost, and general waste within one cabinet is always the best solution if space allows.

Franke’s Sorter 300-60 Triosorter waste systems fit neatly into 450mm and 600mm kitchen base units and are available in a variety of capacities and configurations

Jo Sargent, sales & marketing director at Franke UK, agrees: "Some consumers do opt for smaller sized bins as they prefer to empty their waste more regularly, it’s really down to personal preference, size of the household and the amount of waste generated. Our Waste Sorter systems are available in 4 different sizes and configurations to suit the needs of different households. The bin compartments glide out easily on rollers and have handles for convenient emptying and cleaning but a key feature are the lids that sit flush on the bins and contain any odours, which makes the overall experience feel more hygienic and pleasant."

Hettich’s ‘bin in a box solution’, seen here in anthracite, is available in various formats up to 600mm wide, with 2 and 4 bin options designed with Quadro soft-close runners – a perfect solution for a more compact space

Colin Patterson, technical and health & safety manager at Hettich UK, has definitely noticed a rise in the number of people specifying integrated waste systems in their kitchens and utility rooms.

"The 'all in one box' solutions are convenient, ergonomic and can also be fitted retrospectively, for those customers who are late to the party. However, don't try to shoehorn the bin into the design," he advises. "Make sure it’s in the right place for convenience and that it is a required element of the project from day 1. Specify a solution that matches the other interior fittings in the kitchen or utility, so it doesn't seem like an afterthought."

A well-planned waste management solution is now an integral part of the kitchen design process and most customers are keen to invest in the latest designs.

PWS’s Gollinucci Sistema 9XL recycling unit is designed for 1,000mm-wide drawers, has 2 20-litre compartments and 2 9-litre compartments providing a total of 58 litres of waste and recycling capacity, and with lids for each bin drawer unpleasant smells aren’t a problem

The advantage of made to measure and bespoke kitchen cabinetry means waste solutions and recycling units can be adapted to suit all household requirements.

Rotpunkt’s Zerox furniture, shown here in Sherwood Black, includes an integrated waste and recycling bin system as part of an island unit positioned in the wet zone of the kitchen, demonstrating that a waste management solution can look stylish in any high-end kitchen design

"Retailers can take advantage of the desire to boost recycling provisions within kitchen units, which are now being manufactured taller than average to provide even more storage options and space for compartmental integrated bin systems allowing for a 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 bin, making it easier for end users to sort and separate different types of waste, as required," says Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt.

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