Whiteville Ceramics launches water-efficient WC technology

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Whiteville Ceramics launches water-efficient WC technology

Whiteville Ceramics launches water-efficient WC technology

Egyptian sanitaryware brand Whiteville Ceramics has unveiled its water Saver system and rimless Vortix technology, which are both now available to the UK bathroom market.

Saver by Whiteville Ceramics is said to reduce water usage by up to 50% and is available across all the brand's WCs. An average flush typically uses up to 6 litres of water each time, while Saver reduces the volume of water on tank models, saving anywhere from 3 to 4.5 litres in full flush and from 2.5 to 3 litres in a small flush. This water-saving technology also reduces energy costs, and is said by Whiteville to give the average UK homeowner a total saving of up to 50%, reducing general household utility bills and creating a more sustainable bathroom and lifestyle.

The Vortix system ensures better hygienic standards, by removing the rim and using the powerful system to push water both horizontally and vertically around the bowl, so the water passes across more internal surface area and is released through one or two separate nozzles. This patented innovation creates a vortex effect, which is said to efficiently clean the pan without splashing over the sides. The rimless technology ensures better hygiene standards, since every part of the WC can be easily cleaned preventing mould growth in hidden areas.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now and finding ways to save money and water in the home has become a key criterion for greener living – especially in the bathroom. According to a new report by Garnier, 73% of UK homeowners want to be more sustainable in 2021, which goes to show us all that the past year has made us think differently about how we behave. Of those 73%, almost half agreed that 2020 was a wake-up call to protect the environment and this is clear when we consider the latest trend for eco interiors that incorporate sustainable product design,” says Graham Bucktrout, MD at IBC Group.

Pictured is the new Continental floorstanding WC with tank.

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